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Hi, we’re Daron and Michaela, the homesteaders behind Wild Homesteading.

Daron is a restorationist and lifelong gardener with a masters in Environmental Studies, whose expertise and work on the homestead form the foundation of Wild Homesteading.

family at the center of wild homesteading

Michaela left a high-pressure political job to be able to focus on the here and now—the people we love, the place we live, and the food we eat. She studied climate-resilient development as a Fulbright Scholar to the UK and worked on various food and health policy issues with our state legislature. At Wild Homesteading, she’s a content-creator, editor, and blogger.

We both work outside the home to pay the bills. Daron does habitat restoration for a community non-profit and Michaela works at our local library.

Our two children, Arden and Naomi, are at the center of our lives, keeping us smiling and laughing even when times are tough.

There’s no place like home.

Home, for us, is the Wild Ride Homestead—a little piece of earth just under 3 acres, right outside of Olympia, Washington.

When we bought the place in 2016, it was all degraded pastureland that was quickly being overtaken by invasive blackberries. But Daron has been steadily converting it to wetland, forests, hedgerows, and garden space.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Just three years in, the transformation has been remarkable. Our bird population has exploded, young trees are towering overhead, and herbaceous plants are filling in across the ground.

Family is core to being a wild homesteader
The homestead behind Wild Homesteading

Two substantial food forests are coming into their own, a seasonal pond spills into a thriving willow patch, and cottonwoods and Douglas firs are teaming up to reclaim old forestland from the blackberries.

The kitchen garden surrounds a vibrant outdoor living space where our family can live, work, and play alongside abundant plant life, birds, and wild critters.

Being a wild homesteader is hard work, but it’s a beautiful life. We’re so grateful to have this opportunity to work with nature and share this incredible space together.

transform lawn to food forest

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