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Hi, I’m Daron, and there’s nothing I love more than cultivating food, habitat, and beauty for my family and the wild critters that share our home.

Home, for me, is the Wild Ride Homestead—the little piece of earth where my wife, Michaela, and I are raising a family and running a business.

Michaela tends to the “home” part of the homestead—turning our harvests into wholesome, tasty meals, and taking the lead raising our little toddler. She also helps out quite a bit with Wild Homesteading, acting as my editor and helping me translate some of the abstract concepts into concise, actionable tips.

Our son Arden is also a cornerstone of our life and work, keeping us smiling and laughing even when times are tough.

Michaela and I both work outside the home to pay the bills—I work as a restoration project manager, and Michaela works at our local public library.

Let Me Tell You a Little Bit About our Homestead

Family, abundance, and working with nature is what Wild Homesteading is about.

Picking strawberries, being with family, creating habitat for wildlife. This is what Wild Homesteading is all about. This is a picture of my wife and son enjoying some fresh strawberries.

Our homestead sits on just under three acres right outside of Olympia, Washington.

When we bought the place in 2016, it was all degraded pasture land which was quickly being overtaken by invasive blackberries. Slowly but surely, I’ve been converting it to wetland, forests, hedgerows, and garden space.

Just two years in, the transformation has been remarkable. Our bird population has exploded, while young trees are already towering overhead, and herbaceous (non-woody) plants are filling in across the ground.

We have a long road ahead, but I am loving every minute of it. One of my favorite ways to while a summer day is by walking the turf with my scythe, savoring the rhythmic motion and rustling whoosh, stopping to watch a hawk circle overhead or listen to songbirds chorus. Sometimes homesteading chores have kept me out way later than I’d like, but the hoot of resident owls in the middle of the night reminds me how much I love what I do.

Being a wild homesteader is hard work, but it’s a beautiful life. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to live on land, work with nature, and share this beautiful space with my family.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!


Are You a Wild Homesteader?

Do you want to be? Let’s get started.

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