5 Lessons Learned from a New Kitchen Garden

It’s midway through July in 2019, and my new kitchen garden is growing beautifully. We’ve been enjoying wholesome, garden-fresh meals, and also indulging in the crunch of fresh vegetables straight off the vine. But it’s not all abundant harvests and beautiful flowers. Even when you’re an experienced gardener, starting a new garden can teach you […]

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Food Forest Layers and Why They are Important

Food forests are designed to mimic the structure of a natural forest to grow food very efficiently. That structure is composed of a set of layers, each with its own unique role in the forest system. Food forest layers allow you to fully utilize all potential growing space in a similar way that a natural […]

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How to Approach Watering as a Wild Homesteader

Approaching watering as a wild homesteader is a bit different than what’s normally recommended in gardening magazines or websites. As a wild homesteader, you’re always trying to work with nature to accomplish your goals. Never is that more important than when you’re working with this increasingly precious life giving resource, water. Here’s how to approach watering […]

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