What is Leaf Mold (And How to Make It)

Have you heard about the amazing soil amendment called leaf mold? Do you know what leaf mold is? While the name “leaf mold” may sound like something you would want to avoid, this is actually an incredible soil amendment, and you likely have the fixings for it lying around your wild homestead every fall. Let’s […]

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Why You Should Plant Perennials in the Fall

When should you plant perennial plants? It may seem counter intuitive, but late summer and fall is actually the best time to plant perennial plants. When you plant perennials in the fall, you are working with nature. Keep reading to learn more about why planting perennials in the fall is your best choice. Plus, get […]

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How to Use Live Stakes to Get Free Plants

Did you know you can take a stick, shove it into the ground, walk away, and come back later to a brand-new plant? Really, it works—well, at least with certain types of woody plants. This approach is called live staking, and for plants like willows and some other woody plants, it can be a great […]

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3 Reasons for Saving Vegetable Seeds

Summer is mid-way through, and while your garden is probably in full production now, it’s not long until fall comes and your vegetables start dying back. Before fall comes, you should start thinking about yet another harvest you can get from your garden. Now is the time to start saving vegetable seeds from your best […]

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